The Proper Way To Test Drive A Vehicle

A proper test drive is more involved than a quick spin around the block.

Research Your Choice

Before going near a dealership, read reviews of the vehicle you are considering.

Schedule Your Test Drive

Calling Diamond Jim's for a test drive appointment ensures we have the vehicle you're considering on our lot.

Take Measurements

Does your child's safety seat fit in the car? Bring the heart along to be sure. Will the vehicle fit in your garage? Be sure the door clearance and head and leg room are sufficient.

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Common Auto Finance Terms

Purchasing a vehicle is an exciting experience, but the finance process can feel complex for many. If you're feeling intimidated by the finance process, don't be. We're going to share a few common auto finance terminologies to give you the confidence as you pursue your auto loan. 

5 Common Auto Finance Terms

  1. Amortization: An amortization is the repayment of a loan by installments. It consists of regular payments that includes the interest and principal balance.
  2. Amount Financed: This is the credit the lender is willing to provide you as the borrower.
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What Exactly Is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is software that integrates your iPhone and vehicle's infotainment or audio system. The system is designed to improve convenience and minimize distractions by making frequently used apps available on your infotainment display. Apple CarPlay reduces the need to use your phone while driving. 

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