When traveling down a wet road in Greenfield, WI, it is crucial to stay alert and be ready for any unexpected fog or rain that could obstruct your view. To ensure safety, plan out the route you will take and know the potential risks along the way so that you can adjust accordingly if necessary.

Before driving in the rain, you must check your car thoroughly. Illuminate all lights and ensure they are working properly, inspect tires for maintenance of proper pressure and tread depth, verify brakes operate correctly, and evaluate fluid levels (oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid) to ensure appropriate amounts. By doing this prior inspection, you can avoid any potential complications or breakdowns during your voyage while also ensuring safety on the road!

The most important rule when driving in wet conditions is dramatically reducing your speed. Roads become slippery when rain falls, making it more difficult for drivers to keep control of their vehicles. Additionally, heavy rainfall will limit your visibility significantly. Keep a steady pace around 10-20 mph lower than posted limits during heavier rains or even slower if you use wipers at high speeds, this will give you increased reaction time should an obstacle suddenly arise on the road ahead.